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Listen to the rare and awe-inspiring wisdom and clarity of our teacher, Bushi in this full length interview with The Liturgists Podcast here. Bushi is the founder and lead teacher of BodhiChristo. He is featured in the two part interview on Buddhism with the acclaimed Sharon Salzburg. His insights and wisdom will amaze you. Be free, and know thyself. Buckle up!! WOW!!! :)


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From December 13th to the 16th Lama Rod and Lama Justin and 21 participants gathered at the Thomasville Buddhist Center in Thomasville, NC for a 4 day Chod retreat. The retreat was a powerful way to explore working with racism, whiteness, patriarchy, identity and the ghosts (many still very much present) of the the way racism still haunts not just the South, but American culture in general. Engaging in the practice of chod, Medicine Buddha and various contemplation practices including visiting a local cemetery, practice went deep.

A special thanks to Bushi and Christine and their family for hosting us at Thomasville Buddhist Center, and gratitude for Repa Trinley (Harrison K. Holmes) for serving as chant master and offering a mentor role to fellow retreatants, and to Eric Busse for his work as organizer and smoother-of-rough-edges around a retreat laden with a tremendous amount of stirred energy and emotion. A heartfelt thanks also goes out to Stephanie Barnes, who played an instrumental role in helping to ready the space.

This inaugural retreat was an appropriate way to launch Bhumisparsha. It was clear that a new kind of sangha was being co-created - aspects of the retreat felt as if new ground was being touched upon. We look forward to the way the seeds of clear intention planted during this retreat will bear fruit.

Community Donation-based Yoga

with Jacqueline Brooke-Helper 

Tuesday evenings @ 6:30 p.m.

Beginners are always welcome. Bring yoga mats (optional), and towels. email:

No fees required for this class, however, donations are greatly appreciated. 

Introduction to Buddhism 

Study Group


Introduction to Buddhism Class is held at TBC every Wednesday night @ 6:30 P.M. Study materials are provided. This is ongoing, donations-based class is excellent for those new to Buddhism, Buddhist philosophy and learning meditation. Make sure you to follow our Facebook page for any changes to the class schedule. Suggested donation : $5.00