Thomasville Buddhist Center

a Southern Dharma Center
Practicing Compassion & Intensive Self-Healing


The Center, our Founder, Abbot, and Teacher

Thomasville Buddhist Center is a 7,208 sq. ft. multipurpose religious, educational, and charitable center parented by Mount Sinai Faith, Hope, and Love Ministries, Inc. (MSFHLM). Once a progressive Southern Baptist Church, Thomasville Buddhist Center is an anomaly of what it means, and looks like to “be ye transformed by the renewing of your minds,” as the Apostle Paul encouraged. Having been inspired to look deeper into the humanity, and true altruistic nature of Christ as a human being, the body experimented and induced itself with the teachings of the Buddhadharma (Buddhist teachings), and well, the curve towards Dharma was established. Guided by the church’s progressive Christian pastor, and interfaith minister, Rev. T. Marquis Ramsey, STM, PhD, the journey of transformation began. In 2008, Dr. Ramsey, while yet a Christian minister, publicly announced his intention to “leave the institution of the Church,” and "follow the Middle Path." Today, the center is known and recognized by many across the globe as a compassionately radiating Buddhadharma teaching Sangha that finds great resonance with the actions of Jesus as a unique framework to help all sentient beings, suffer less. Dr. Ramsey continues to lead and direct Thomasville Buddhist Center as its abbot, and director, however now, he leads as Bushi Yamato Damashii, the name given to him by his Zen budo Sensei, Shihan Harris Brody. A beautifully compassionate, genuinely loving, and brilliant thinker, Bushi lives to "serve this present age" by helping to heal sentient beings from the sickness of human "unconsciousness." Bushi is a direct student and authorized teacher of two of the country’s most insightful Buddhist teachers, Repa Dorge Odzer (Lama Justin Von Bujdoos), and Lama Rod Owens. 

Bushi Yamato Damashii with his teacher, Lama Justin Von Bujdoos in New York.

Bushi and Lama Rod Owens at the Wild Goose Festival 2016. Bushi received his authorization to teach Dharma from Lama Rod Owens.  

One of Bushi Yamato Damashii's main teaching, and speaking platforms is Wild Goose Festival. Bushi credits the Wild Goose Festival for offering him a place to commune with fellow, and former Christian exiles a nurturing community to heal. Bushi speaks atthe festival annually, and has done so since 2011.

Accommodations at our Center

Our center, is a small, simple, and rather "minimalist," and cozy "country center," which boasts a “coming home” feeling. We invite you to take your shoes off and feel the easygoing energy. The smell of food cooking in the air, incense aroma, nature, barefoot walkabouts, and wooden boardwalks among the trees. Thomasville Buddhist Center offers a large open hall for meditation, as well as, an adjacent minor hall that can accommodate approximately 35 retreatants, yoga practitioners, etc. Both halls (large and minor) are used also for "palletized sleeping" and resting. A curtain and partition system is used to isolate retreatants for co-ed purposes. Zafus, mats, and pillows are provided for comfortable sitting. Reading and meditation spaces available inside and around the spacious  grounds. The center is excellent for serious yogis/meditators, monastics, martial practitioners, and contemplatives of all faiths. There are four (4) restrooms to accommodate visitors and retreatants, large dining areas, tables, chairs, High speed internet, Wifi, and creature comforts in the form of three temple cats (Mr. Wiggles, Ginger, and Nina), and one temple dog (Jack) (Bushi's K-9 companion).

Thomasville Buddhist Center boasts a phenomenal Security and Emergency Action Response Team (SEART), that is primarily responsible for any/all: security, violent threat, fire, or health-related occurrences should they occur at TBC.  Code-named Thermoplyae, this team is comprised of specially trained and conditioned staff, who are exquisitely committed to the safety and welfare of Bushi and TBC.